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A smart collaborative of creatives, developers, UX/UI experts and experienced project managers, we create living, engaging brand stories. 
Your stories.

Our mission is to benefit and grow your business through trusted partnerships and the highest quality of product design, development and delivery.

Our Mission

Our Story

The Smart Cog is a digital marketing and consulting firm with an attentive, small agency feel and a big focus on revenue returns. 


A smart group focused on innovating or updating work environments with  necessary digital transformation, our consultants keep an eye on  backward compatibility while studying the future.  Our tech teams are client focused and product delivery experts, bringing your story to digital life.

Talk to us about anything or these things: Web design/Development, Brand refreshments, Start ups, Special Projects.


Jennifer Wills and her team at The Smart Cog have been integral in the transformation of our website. She worked tirelessly to get us up and running when Covid 19 changed how retail stores were going to be able to survive. A great communicator, Jennifer stayed on top of all aspects of our e-commerce and re-branding project and made our transition seamless. Our website is beautiful! She handled so much of the time consuming “stuff” that business owners just don’t want to deal with. Many thanks to The Smart Cog for helping us stay afloat during a time of such uncertainty.


Monique M. Proulx


The Equestrian Shop, Inc.



Jennifer Wills is an outstanding Senior Project Director whom I would recommend to any organization.  In the fall of 2022, I had a clear and critical need for strong project management for a time-sensitive, high-profile product launch. Once we engaged her, Jennifer instantly hit the ground running on this complex, high-stakes project. In short order -- truly, lightning-quick -- Jennifer wrangled multiple stakeholders with limited time to deliver on deadline and (in most cases, depending on the stakeholder) at a high level.

What led to her success on our team: Jennifer is extremely precise in her project management approach, yet flexible when necessary. As a Marketing and Operations professional with a deep understanding of both areas, she is also a strategic partner -- able to offer her clients strong counsel and expertise while keeping critical projects on track.

Theresa Pantazopoulis

Brand Marketing + Communications Executive



Jennifer Wills and I worked closely together on fare media procurement activities for Hop Fastpass, the new account-based transit fare collection system for TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar in Portland, OR. She was attentive, detail-oriented, and a great communicator. She led the production of thousands of cards for the Agencies just after the program launched, and responded to issues immediately and effectively when they arose. Her management was key in resolving production and accounting-related issues, and she always had the client's best interest in mind. 

Brian Ross

Transit Technology Consultant

Portland, OR

Experienced Leadership

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