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The Smart Cog Marketing and Consulting Group , DBE

Our Story

The Smart Cog is a digital marketing and consulting firm with a small agency feel and a big focus on revenue returns and customer service.    


A smart group focused on innovating traditional work environments with  necessary digital transformation, our consultants keep an eye on  backward compatibility while studying the future.  Our tech teams are client focused and product delivery experts.

Talk to us about anything or these things: Web design/Development, Start ups,  Branding, Card marketing, Access technology and Payments. 

Our Vision


We build trusted partnerships which result in improving our client’s financial results and societal impact. 


Our core values include  our belief in the competitive advantage of customer service and our commitment to our alignment with you.

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Our team advances today's businesses through insight into adaptive technology.  IT strategies, Network strategies and Data Science married to your strategic business solutions providing platforms you can use for sustainable value. 


We have Smart Client Service teammates who listen hard and get it right.  Whether your project is web development, re-branding, card marketing or strategic planning for your state's next tourism campaign, our experience saves you dollars.

We can help you transition operations to better technology and rewards in your business.

Technology, Life Science, Luxury Brands, Fancy Foods, Sports and Tourism

The Smart Cog practices use case development, comprehensive research and needs analysis with strategic visualization tools to build our marketing campaigns. We work in market groups and are an agile project delivery firm.  Building solutions with a phased approach, we provide logical and highly effective answers to digital questions, optimizing revenue and exceeding all requirements of a comprehensive marketing plan. 

Our scope of reference and experience in all verticals informs our strategies and directs our planning along with our exploratory period working with you.



Technology moves fast.  We know our competitors can’t bring you what our selected global partners can in best practice, efficiency and experience so if the size of the projects requires it, we partner with subject matter experts to deliver those complex projects with the same efficiency and accuracy that we do all of our work.


Research and analysis informs our viewpoints of industry trends.  We ensure you are getting up-to-date information and perspectives on pivotal industry issues.  We know you are busy so we work like a part of your team to create  solutions to digital problems by being a learning organisation.



How Retail Stays Contactless

Lynne Gardner


Even though we are starting to move to a decline in Covid-19, the habits we adopted will not.  Life in a post-Covid environment for Brick and Mortar will retain their more health-conscious options for payment including “touchless retail.”  People may want to look at goods in stores, but the first place they are now trained to look for offers and product, is on their smartphones.


When engagement for customers is stronger than ever through phones, your mobile presence must be equally so.  If you don’t currently have a dedicated app for your business, making your buying community more inter-active and secure, you should consider moving to one.  The use of mobile payment systems (wallets) is now more important than ever and is where engagement of your customer begins. 

The post-Covid environment will see a demand for payment-at-table used by several other countries, too.  The US lags behind Canada and the UK in adopting touchless at-table POS for restaurant dining, whether indoor or outdoor.  Your smartphone or your chip card only require “wanding” over the device and contactless payment is made enabling a more secure transaction when you do not have to give up your actual bank card to your server.

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