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Jennifer Wills of The Smart Cog has been integral in the transformation of our website. She worked tirelessly to get us up and running when Covid 19 changed how retail stores were going to be able to survive. A great communicator, Jennifer stayed on top of all aspects of our website and re-branding project and made our transition seamless. Our website is beautiful! She handled so much of the time consuming “stuff” that business owners just don’t want to deal with. Many thanks to Jennifer for helping us stay afloat during a time of such uncertainty.


Monique M. Proulx


The Equestrian Shop, Inc.



Organizing a complex startup is not for the faint of heart.  Especially with multiple inputs, multiple strategic views and with fast-moving operating environments.  Jennifer Wills and colleagues at The Smart Cog were Executive Coaches and Strategic Planners with clarity and understanding of exactly what we were trying to create as an organization.  Her experience in business and with start-ups was immediately apparent and we are grateful for her incisiveness and for her flexibility in adapting to moving landscapes with agility in every line of business.  With operational Subject Matter Expertise in several verticals, her perspective leaned out a lot of initiatives and departments that we had considered imperative and gave us a defined map, defined positions and a re-structured strategic plan integral to our phased-in start.   They also coached us on team coherency, better communications and led us easily to lightbulb moments of how to carry on the right execution with follow up plans. 


The Smart Cog is a multi-talented consulting firm and simply, a pleasure to work with.  We were leery of hiring a too-large firm and having them come in and focus more on their agenda than ours, but The Smart Cog is a small, smart group who integrated themselves easily with our team and our vision right out of the gate.  They knew what we wanted before we could express it and they eliminate all the background noise for us so we can focus on driving forward as a smarter enterprise!  We will happily use them again!


Dale Hedrick

Convair Aeronautics

President, CEO

North Carolina


I am delighted with my recent experience working with Jennifer Wills from The Smart Cog on my new website. The process was outlined in advance so I knew not only what to expect but also when to expect the finished product. Jennifer and her design team created a polished and professional site for my business and added some features that exceeded my expectations. She was always available by phone and email to answer my queries or respond and offer feedback on my submissions. That flexibility and client response was so appreciated with my schedule.   I would highly recommend The Smart Cog, LLC as a business to use for your digital needs and much more. 


Kris Schinke


Action Consulting



Jennifer Wills and I worked closely together on fare media procurement activities for Hop Fastpass, the new account-based transit fare collection system for TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar in Portland, OR. She was attentive, detail-oriented, and a great communicator. She led the production of thousands of cards for the Agencies just after the program launched, and responded to issues immediately and effectively when they arose. Her management was key in resolving production and accounting-related issues, and she always had the client's best interest in mind. 

Brian Ross

Transit Technology Consultant

Portland, OR


Jennifer brings an effective mix of practical business-mindedness and compassion for supporting charitable work to her clients. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is a pleasure to work with.


Deb Bernstein


Florian’s Causes.

Boston, MA

Meeting Room Business
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