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Just begin.....

Updated: Jun 23, 2020


"There is no questioning the impact that e-commerce is having on how consumers shop and buy. According to Nielsen e-commerce measurement powered by Rakuten Intelligence, U.S. e-commerce sales of

CPG items totaled $65.2 billion for the 52 weeks ended January 2019, up 29% from $50.5 billion in the previous year. We’ve also tracked a 32.7% compound annual growth rate over the past three years. E-commerce isn’t new in the past three years, however, and when we look at store closings during the last decade, we see that specialty retailers selling electronics, apparel, books, toys have been the most vulnerable to the growth of e-commerce.

And now Covid is here to stay until therapies are developed. That’s not to say that consumers aren’t gradually adopting more digital and omnichannel preferences over time. They are, and many are starting to embrace omnichannel shopping avenues that leverage digital for many of the CPG items they buy from traditional outlets. Click-and-carry sales, for example, have grown from 4% of online consumer packaged goods (CPG) sales to 11% in just two years. This adoption, in fact, has hindered Amazon’s growth in recent months, and there’s no doubt that omnichannel and online purchasing will continue growing across categories."U.S. Retail Hot Buttons & U.S. Shopping Insights, Q1 2019; Nielsen TDLinx"

So, begin. If you haven't already, just start exposing your ideas or your business to others. We're taking business off the street. TSC believes in entrepreneurship and collaboration for everyone's success. Call us. We can assist your idea, your strategy, your design and make your business real.

Time is of the essence. Just begin.

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