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Covid Strategies are here to stay

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The first thing smart retailers have been doing is upgrading their site presence.  Refresh renew and re-brand.  Whether it is a place you are driving traffic to for information on your company or whether it is your sole channel of revenue currently with spotty brick and mortar traffic, some rules still apply.  A first impression is everything.

Secondly, it's a good time to modernize and make sure the buying experience will help you retain your loyal client base and encourage new buyers to engage.

Thirdly, Try to be a trusted source of communication in real time about your product changes or availability so your customers look to you first.  Always keep an eye on your ad placements and design.  Make sure it's the right fit for the current fluid environment.

Lastly, whatever it is you do for work, don't stop. Look for teams who will partner and be with you adapting, transitioning and innovating for this journey.

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